Triskelion conducts lecture about grant writing at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Triskelion staff conducted a lecture on European Union grant writing for staff at the University of Colombo, faculty of medicine in Sri Lanka in early November 2023. The focus was on giving concrete tips on assessment rules and how to succeed in grant writing.

The feedback was good and project managers from Kotewala Defense University asked us to conduct such a lesson in November 2024 for thair staff in connection with the final Neurocare conference in Sri Lanka.

Website of Face Equality Training project up

The website for the Face Equailty Training project has been developed and is now online.

Please click here to go to the website:

Face Equality project -pre-christmas meeting in Backaskog, Sweden

The Face Equality project team gathered at Backaskog outside Kristianstad, Sweden to discuss the format of the course based on the interviews and national reports from partners. 7 degrees below zero and snow gave a welcoming christmas feeling on the 1. of December. Nichola Rumsey from Triskelion presented the theoretical report.

The project is moving forward and the next phase is to develop the training for healthcare professionals

Neurocare Conference in Galle, Sri Lanka

In the second week of November specialists from Europe and Sri Lanka meet up in Galle, Sril Lanka for an Erasmus+ Capacity Building supported conference within the theme “Caring for the Elderly with Neurodegenerative disorders”.  Steve Smith and Thomas Nilsen from Triskelion will lecture on “Risk assessment among older adults” and “Communication”. The conference is open to anyone interested.

Power of Creativity training materials available for download

The Power of Creativity training materials for trainers are now available for download.

Result 1 The handbook.     Result 2. The concrete creative activities 

Power of Creativity meeting in Stavanger, Norway

The Power of Creativity consortium met for the final transnational meeting before it ends on 31.12.23. The focus of the meeting was a walkthrough of the results, dissemination, and discussions of the upcoming multiplier events and quality report.

Power of Creativity project- staff training in Riga

The project “Power of Creativity: strengthening the supporting role the adult educators working with disabled” held the joint short term staff training in Riga Latvia in 14.-16. June 2023. 17 participants attended. The partners held practical workshops for parts of their chosen deliverables.

There was study visits to 

Daily care centre “Cerību Ligzda “;

Special working place “Skaida” for persons with mental disabilities.

Special working place “RB Creative space” for persons with mental disorders:

Euroteq project results now available online

All results from the Euroteq project are now available on the website. Direct link can be found here: Downloadable project outputs

Final Euroteq meeting in Iasi, Romania

The Euroteq project is coming to and end and the partners met in Iasi, Romania on the 10th of June 2023 to consolidate the final materials and prepare for the final report. 

Power of creativity newsletter 2

Here you can find the second newsletter of the Power of Creativity project. Learn more about the activities carried out so far and the next steps of the project. LINK

The Embrace hub- body image resources

The Embrace Hub is here to bring you innovative, engaging body image resources. We’ve brought together the best evidence and creative minds to educate and inform young people, parents, teachers and sports coaches. Triskelion researcher Zali Yager together with Taryn Brunfitt, is behind the site.

Our goal? To inspire everyone young person around the world to embrace their bodies and to create body-image-safe environments for them to learn, grow and thrive in.
What you see here now is just the beginning. 
So much more is possible.


nEUROcare workshop days in Kandy, Sri Lanka

The nEUROcare team moved from the international conference in Colombo up to Kandy and the University of Peradeniya for a 2-day workshop in the nEUROcare project. Over 50 people gathered to work on aligning the contents of the modules that are being developed.

nEUROcare conference at Colombo University

The nEUROcare team presented short extracts of their modules that are being developed for the master’s degree in Neurodegenerative diseases at four Sri Lankan universities during the first international conference on Neurodegenerative diseases ever held in Sri Lanka- “Expanding the horizon for Neurocare in Sri Lanka“. There were around 450 participants, students and staff from universities and hospitals. The health ministry and vice-chancellors were also present.

Photos from the conference: 

Pictures were taken by FOSmedia, Sri Lanka (Faculty of Science, University of Colombo)

The Triskelion team:

Face Equality kickoff

The team in the Erasmus+ project FACE EQUALITY- “innovative training in the health, social and volunteering sectors that will empower people with disfigurements to overcome social and psychological challenges in everyday life” met at the head office of the European Cleft Organisation in The Hague on the 14th of January 2023.  

Partners from Holland, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Sweden and Triskelion from Norway form the specialist team developing a 1- day training course for families affected by visible differences.

International Conference on Neurodegenerative disorders in Sri Lanka

Triskelion is presenting at the first international conference on Neurodegenerative disorders held at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 9th and 10th of February 2023. European speakers will also be from UK, Estonia, Slovenia, Sweden and Cyprus.

After the conference there will be a workshop at the University of Peradeniya in Kandy, Sri Lanka between 13th to 15th February.



European College of Sport Science annual forum will be held in Paris 4.-7. July 2023

ECSS has spread its wings globally over its 20+ years and has grown a vast international audience who are passionate about sport science.

They are a non-profit scientific organisation devoted to the promotion and dissemination of multi-and interdisciplinary research in sport and exercise science. Founded in Nice, France in 1995, they have established themselves as the leading sport science community in Europe, with a truly international demographic.

They aim to:

  1. Disseminate high quality, innovative science
  2. Empower the development of young scientists
  3. Build and retain an engaged ECSS community
  4. Develop strong partnerships within the private and public sectors

Kickoff meeting in Sweden for the BIIPA- Body Image In Physical Activity project

The partners of the BIIPA- Body Image In Physical Activity met for the first time on Saturday 17th December in Bäckaskog Castle outside Kristianstad, Sweden to plan the course that the project has promised to deliver. The project is a KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education- project number 2022-SEO1-KA220-HED-000088261.

We will deliver:

1. a 15.0 ECTS, 450-hour long curriculum for self-paced or facilitated delivery to students in health and sport-related degrees and

2. a 7.5 ECTS, 225 hour -long curriculum for self-paced or facilitated delivery to students in health and sport-related degrees.

The partners in the project are:

Kristianstad University, Paderborn University, University of Porto, Lithuanian Sports University, Neapolis University in Cyprus and Triskelion Norway


 Project rationale:

Participation in physical activity and sport has a positive impact on physical and mental health outcomes, and enhanced belonging and inclusion. However, nearly half (46%) of Europeans never exercise or play sport, and that proportion has increased gradually since 2009. Presently, in Europe, 59% of adults are overweight, and of those, 23% are obese, and for children aged 6 to 9 years, the prevalence of overweight (including obesity) was 29% in boys and 27% in girls, which may be a cause for health concerns. Many young people avoid physical activity because they are afraid of judgement and because they have a negative body image, which is associated with lower physical activity and sport participation. Body image is such an influential component and yet 61% of adults and 66% of children report feeling negative or very negative about their body, most of the time. Furthermore, body dissatisfaction is associated with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Research suggests that people with higher body satisfaction engage in more physical activity, and that physical activity can have a positive impact on improving body image if special pedagogical and psychological requirements are respected. However, not all young people have access to inclusive and welcoming physical activity and sport environments.

Given the strong connection between physical activity and body image, and the dual role of these targets in reducing mental health issues and weight concerns, it is important that health and physical education professionals are appropriately trained to be able to promote and facilitate inclusive physical activity environments and programs that help to build positive thoughts and feelings about the body, welcome diversity, and overcome barriers to participation.


Final Body Confident Mums meeting

The transnational team of the BCM project met in Ferrara, Italy on the 9th of December 2022 for the final conference. Results from multiplier events, surveys and intellectual outputs were discussed. The team also looked into possible future research questions for national and international research, and potential future Erasmus+ ideas were put forward.

Power of Creativity Newsletter 1 available

Here you can find the first newsletter of the Power of Creativity project. Learn more about the consortium, the activities and the next steps of the project.

See here: Newsletter

Participation in education conference in Verona

Triskelion was represented by Frida Feline Nilsen and Mikkel Munkvold in the huge international conference “Peace as an educational principle: a school without conflicts”, in Verona, 3rd of December 2022. Our Power of Creativity project was presented there.