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Triskelion in Thailand to discuss implementation of PAT (Patients Assessment Tool)

Triskelion was in Thailand to discuss the implementation of our Patient Assessment Tool (PAT) in Bangkok and North Thailand. See our website

We met with Professor Bowornslip Chowchuen, Vice president of the Nakhon Phanom University Council and Head of department of surgery at Mahidol University, Associate professor and plastic surgeon Chalermpong Chatdokmakpai.

Neurocare project publishes article in the Sri Lankan Journal of Nursing

As Sri Lanka undergoes a demographic shift with an increasing aging population, the prevalence of neurodegenerative diseases (NDD) among older adults is on the rise. Addressing the unique challenges posed by such conditions including Alzheimer Disease (AD), Dementia and Parkinson Disease (PD) requires a collaborative effort to enhance the knowledge and skills of caregivers and healthcare professionals. In this letter to the editor, we justify the necessity and explain the possibility of establishing and implementing a specialized advanced education programme to create trained cadre for NDD care for older adults in Sri Lanka. We believe that establishing such a programme is a promising initiative that could help to address the burden of NDD among older adults in Sri Lanka while it enhances the quality of healthcare provisions in Sri Lanka.

Read the article here.

Body Confident Sports teaching resources

The Centre of Appearance Centre in Bristol with Philippa Dietrichs together with DOVE and NIKE has just published teaching resources on Sports and Body image.

This initiative was created to help girls and young people of all gender identities feel more comfortable being active and participating in sport. The aim is to empower coaches and athletes around the world to celebrate the truly awesome things active bodies can do.

BIIPA project meeting in Porto

The BIIPA (Body Image and Physical Education) project team met in Porto in January 2024 to discuss the developed modules in the course and the delivery of the course online and in lectures.

See webpage:

Triskelion conducts lecture about grant writing at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Triskelion staff conducted a lecture on European Union grant writing for staff at the University of Colombo, faculty of medicine in Sri Lanka in early November 2023. The focus was on giving concrete tips on assessment rules and how to succeed in grant writing.

The feedback was good and project managers from Kotewala Defense University asked us to conduct such a lesson in November 2024 for thair staff in connection with the final Neurocare conference in Sri Lanka.

Website of Face Equality Training project up

The website for the Face Equailty Training project has been developed and is now online.

Please click here to go to the website:

Face Equality project -pre-christmas meeting in Backaskog, Sweden

The Face Equality project team gathered at Backaskog outside Kristianstad, Sweden to discuss the format of the course based on the interviews and national reports from partners. 7 degrees below zero and snow gave a welcoming christmas feeling on the 1. of December. Nichola Rumsey from Triskelion presented the theoretical report.

The project is moving forward and the next phase is to develop the training for healthcare professionals

Neurocare Conference in Galle, Sri Lanka

In the second week of November specialists from Europe and Sri Lanka meet up in Galle, Sril Lanka for an Erasmus+ Capacity Building supported conference within the theme “Caring for the Elderly with Neurodegenerative disorders”.  Steve Smith and Thomas Nilsen from Triskelion will lecture on “Risk assessment among older adults” and “Communication”. The conference is open to anyone interested.

Power of Creativity training materials available for download

The Power of Creativity training materials for trainers are now available for download.

Result 1 The handbook.     Result 2. The concrete creative activities 

Power of Creativity meeting in Stavanger, Norway

The Power of Creativity consortium met for the final transnational meeting before it ends on 31.12.23. The focus of the meeting was a walkthrough of the results, dissemination, and discussions of the upcoming multiplier events and quality report.