About Triskelion

Triskelion was founded in 2015 in Stavanger, Norway and is an organisation that specialises in applied research and knowledge mobilisation in the fields of education, public health, psychology, medicine and youth work.

The Triskelion team is involved in projects that have developed training courses, curriculum designs or interventions in a lifelong learning perspective to advanced research studies in the mentioned fields.  We work with various target groups such as youth, adults, socially disadvantaged groups (for example, the unemployed, migrants, and disabled) to highly skilled professionals.

A particular focus is on implementing projects and activities that promote social engagement on various topical areas and various target groups to promote physical and psychosocial well-being.

Even though we are a young organisation, the staff members represent a wealth of experience in the areas mentioned above, and have participated in over 70 international projects and presented & facilitated at over 275 conferences & workshops worldwide. We are a non-profit organisation.


Triskelion has the expertise to

  • Participate in research and methodological designs
  • Provide evaluation, risk assessment and quality control in various settings
  • Facilitate training (short & long term) to professionals, students, general population and socially disadvantaged groups
  • Develop pedagogical materials for a variety of target groups from basic to advanced levels (EQF level 1-8)
  • Disseminate good practise within our focus area via our extensive network.
  • Developing applied training courses/social engagements/interventions based on current evidence-based research.
  • Experts in the European Quality Framework (EQF), European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET)