Triskelion cutting edge knowledge of international benefit in nEUROcare project

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are diseases that affect people around the world. But knowledge and treatment vary from country to country. Through the nEUROcare project, Kristianstad University, together with three other European universities, will contribute to the training of hospital staff in Sri Lanka.

The standard of living is rising and the world’s population is getting older. However, this positive development has had some consequences, and among other things has led to an increase in the so-called neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

These incurable diseases are tragedies for the victims and their relatives, regardless of home country. But it can be extra difficult for families in poorer countries, where health care is not enough. This is the responsibility of the informal carers, such as family members, friends and neighbors.

– According to studies on the global disease burden, neurological is the group that bears the greatest burden, both in terms of personal suffering and based on financial terms. At the same time, these types of health challenges have often been de-prioritized, as the aim has instead been to cure, for example, infectious diseases.

Our expert Steve Smith, Associate Professor, SFHEA, MPhil, BSc PGCE, RN, Specialises in teaching neuropathophysiology and neurological care is our expert in the person centered care module that Triskelion is responsible for developing together with the other partners.