New project approved- Body image and inclusive physical activity (BIIPA)

A new Erasmus + project has been approved for Triskelion and the first online kickoff in “

Body Image and Physical Activity – a psychological, educational and public health perspective for higher

education” was held on the 20th of October 2022.

The lead partner is University of Kristianstad, and in addition to Triskelion, Paphos University, Lithuanian Sport University, Paderborn University and Porto University are partners.

Participation in physical activity and sport has a positive impact on physical and mental health outcomes, and enhanced belonging and inclusion. However, nearly half (46%) of Europeans never exercise or play sport, and that proportion has increased gradually since 2009. Many young people avoid physical activity because they are afraid of judgement and because they have a negative body image, which is associated with lower physical activity and sport participation. Body image is such an influential component and yet 61% of adults and 66% of children report feeling negative or very negative about their body, most of the time.

The aim of this project is to develop Body Image and Inclusive Physical Activity [BIIPA] curricula, a 7.5 and 15 ECTS set of teaching modules for students who will become teachers, healthcare professionals, physical education teachers, qualified sports coaches, public health, and health promotion professionals, and 3, stackable micro-credential courses to serve as continuing education for people already working in these professions.