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Cost action CA16234 kicks off in Brussels

The Cost action CA16234 had kickoff in Brussels 5th of October 2017, and with 20 countries involved and several more on the way in, it will be a major force to recon with in the harmonisation of European cleft care. Gareth Davies of European Cleft Organisation was voted in as chairman of the action, while Triskelion’s Thomas Nilsen will be responsible for dissemination together with work group 5.

Article in Swedish newspaper: News article

First meeting today of new EU Erasmus+ funded project, developing a training programme for the early care of babies born with clefts. Partners from Latvia, Norway, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherlands and Romania meet in Rijswijk, The Hague. This is an exciting time for European Cleft Organisation and Triskelion!

Project number : 2017-1-NL01-KA202-035195


Correct IT project kickoff set

The Correct IT project kickoff has been set til 23.rd October in Stavanger, Norway.

Our project identification: 2017-1-RO01-KA202-037373


NEW Obesity prevention project approved!

The Erasmus + Strategic partnerships for vocational training project “Corrective VET – international training for obesity prevention and healthy life style promotion” has been approved by the Romanian national EU agency. This is a 36 month project and the objective of the “CORRECT IT!“ project is to gather a healthy lifestyle good practices collection and develop an innovative VET training curricula, methods and contents on obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle skills for nurses, teachers, social workers in order to improve their knowledge and skills and capacitate them to positively act upon their end-users.

Project number: 2017-1-RO01-KA202-037373

Triskelion involved in new COST action

Triskelion staff is now involved in the new COST action network-


The main aim of the Action is to ensure that children born with orofacial clefts and other craniofacial conditions receive optimum multidisciplinary care enabling them to grow up like any other child and attain equal status within their societies. Estimates indicate that there are over 1,000 000 individuals with clefts in Europe – a significant figure, especially when one considers that not only the patients but also their families are affected in terms of psychosocial adjustment and having to endure the burden of a long treatment pathway.

The Action, in particular, will work with Target Inclusiveness Countries where limited or no national protocols exist in cleft and craniofacial care and will, via healthcare research, develop health-integrated networks which will manage and oversee the development of cleft and craniofacial services. Europe currently lacks a harmonised approach to evaluate the current provision of care, the impacts on key areas of the affected families and society at large. This Action will co-ordinate and increase research across Europe and will forge crucial links between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers, offering the potential for significant benefits to the families affected by orofacial clefts and other craniofacial conditions in Europe.

New spectacular film from our region

Kjerag area in Lysefjorden, 3 hour drive from Stavanger.


Cutting Edge Training project approved

Kristianstad University, working together with Triskelion, has just received approval of the Erasmus+ financing of the CET – Cutting Edge Training project: “Optimising medical outcomes for patients undergoing appearance altering procedures via innovative training of health care professionals”. The project will be starting in September 2017.

Appearance matters 8

The Appearance matters 8 will be held 12 – 14 June 2018
in The Assembly Rooms, Bath, United Kingdom

Read more at : Appearance matters
This international multidisciplinary conference series hosted by the Centre for Appearance Research highlights current research and good practice around appearance, body image, visible difference, appearance altering surgery, disordered eating, the role of the media and cultural influences, interventions, innovative research methods, provision of care, and education.

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