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The illusionists FILM

The Illusionists is a critically acclaimed documentary about the globalization of beauty ideals, filmed in 8 countries across 4 continents. We often talk about unhealthy eating habits, environmental pollution, but we rarely discuss the ways mass media, apps, and social networking sites are hijacking our attention and ultimately making us feel more anxious.

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Elena Rossinis webpage:

Appearance matters COST action final conference

The Cost action IS1210 had their final conference- An International Conference about the Impact of Appearance in our Society held in  Ljubljana| Slovenija 20th to 22nd April 2017. Dr. Martin Persson, Thomas Nilsen and Ingrid Øverbø from Triskelion participated. Thomas joined the presentation from work group 4-“Understanding health behaviour and body image among university students – a cross national comparison” and EU funded projects on developing training materials for vocational sector.

A full 3 days of very exiting presentations and key note speakers: Ron Strauss from USA, Clare Chambers from UK, Anna Faustova from Russia, Zali Yager from Australia and Elena Rossini – filmmaker from Italy.

Our youth worker Frida Feline has published her own web page with a selection of media she has produced.

Please have a look and enjoy!

Triskelion staff participated in the 13th international Cleft congress, which was held in Chennai, India in February 2017. Some of the highlights included;

Let NGOs … Think, Treat and Teach…

Psychosocial Adjustment to Cleft: Putting Patients at the Center of Care

Evidence Based Therapy for Cleft Speech

Exploring Attributable Risk Due to Genetic and Environmental Factors in Orofacial Clefts

Network Between Orthodontist and Surgeon During Management of Patients with Oro-Facial Clefts: Infancy to Adolescence


Dr Martin Persson facilitated a meeting in Kristianstad, Sweden where an innovative education module for healthcare professionals was discussed and finalized.

IHEM project resources available for download

The IHEM project (Optimising the psychosocial care for individuals with birth defects in Europe by implementing an innovative training method for staff in health care and NGO settings.)

consortium have now published different resources available for download on the

The 3rd International Congress of the Turkish Cleft Lip and Palate Society was held in Turkey, in the town of Konya, from December 1- December 4, 2016. Triskelion’s close cooperation partner from Nis, Serbia, Julija Radojicic was invited to give lecture on the subject of the Implementation of European projects related to the care of persons with lip and palate clefts in Serbia. Aside from the completed project Face value, a special emphasis was placed on the IHEM project. The lecture received strong positive reaction from the attendants at the congress, and the biggest interest was to learn about the outcome of the project. Besides that, the attendants expressed a desire to implement similar projects across Turkey.